Data and Knowledge Management

Data items refer to an elementary description of things, events, activities, and transactions that are recorded, classified, and stored but are not organized to convey any specific meaning.

Information refers to data that have been organized so that they have meaning and value to the recipient.

Knowledge consists of data and/or information that have been organized and processed to convey understanding, experience, accumulated learning, and expertise as they apply to a current business problem.

A computer-based information system (CBIS) is an information system that uses computer technology to perform some or all of its intended tasks.

The basic components of computer-based information systems are :

  • Hardware consists of devices such as the processor, monitor, keyboard, and printer. Together, these devices accept, process, and display data and information.
  • Software is a program or collection of programs that enable the hardware to process data.
  • A database is a collection of related files or tables containing data.
  • A network is a connecting system (wireline or wireless) that permits different computers to share resources.
  • Procedures are the instructions for combining the above components to process ¬†information and generate the desired output.
  • People are those individuals who use the hardware and software, interface with it, or utilize its output.

The first four are called information technology components.

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